Minnesota Recipes is a vast and constantly growing collection of recipes created and perfected by everyday Minnesotans. The growing collection of recipes showcased by Minnesota Recipes features items collected from dusty drawers and storied bookcases. We’ve gleaned boxes of food-spattered recipe cards covered with notes such as “delicious” and “My Favorite” and brought those back to life to be shared by a whole new generation of chefs. We have combed through aging newspaper sections from decades ago and are busy trying many of these recipes for ourselves. Keep in mind that none of these recipes have been purchased from some online database, these recipes are from real people who, if you live in Minnesota, may very well be your neighbors or at the very least names you recognize.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the huge collection of recipes gathered over the past forty-plus years by my mom. She never though I’d touch anything in the kitchen but here I am, with the help of my wife, testing these recipes and bringing them to life for the world to enjoy.

Minnesota Recipes is a hand-curated website and we’re well aware that it isn’t perfect but nobody is truly perfect. Embrace its quirkiness and embrace the unique and tried and true recipes contained here. Tell a friend. Follow MNRecipes on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. It’s time to get cooking!